Current Projects

Installations for intensive rearing of whitefish will be built in the town of Kubrat, Razgrad district with funds from the Operational Programme "Fisheries"

The total investment is more than 3,000,000.00 BGN

Sofia, 22nd February, 2012 – A Project for a farm for intensive rearing of whitefish in the town of Kubrat, Razgrad district worth 3,130,060.00 BGN will be funded under Measure 2.1 "Investments in aquaculture" of Operational Programme Development of the "Fisheries". Approved grants under contracts amounted to 1,878,036.00 BGN.

The investor company "CMD International" Ltd. from Varna will grow whitefish (Sander) with the highest productivity in modern aquaculture – super-intensive systems of rearing hydrobionts. They are arranged in small space with a high degree of mechanization and automation, with the possibility of perennial production cycle, control of waste products and protect the environment

The investment project provides initial sale of fresh and chilled fish, without further processing. At a later stage, processing will be introduced to the level of semi-finished and finished products for direct consumption. 

Marketing of products intended to be the European market and, in particular, that of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The deadline for the project is 12 months.

Beneficiary foresees the realization of the business to provide 5 to 7 new jobs, including 4 for women.

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