Passport registration of equines, cattle and dogs

All equines (horses, donkeys, mules) are subject to individual electron identification with transponders (chips). Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation 504/2004 owners who are raising these animals must have passports for them. Competent service for issuing and validation of passports for equines is Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety. The passports of the pedigree animals are issued by an authorized breeds associations. All passports issued are subject to certification by the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (Food Safety Agency).

Electronic passports are issued to the large ruminants (cattle and buffalo) that are identified in accordance with Regulation 1760/2008. The issuance is carried out from the divisions of the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (Food Safety Agency) in whose territory is the farm of the animal's owner.

Owners of pets – dogs that are chipped can get a passport for their animals from the responsible veterinarian.

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