Modernization of agricultural holdings under the Rural Development Programme

The opening of Measure 121 "Modernization of agricultural holdings" of Rural Development Program (RDP) where farmers will be eligible for the modernization of agricultural farms is forthcoming. This measure allows farmers who raise cattle to rebuild their farms, so that by the end of 2013, when the period of derogation for classy milk ends, to remain on the market, and to obtain milk for public consumption.

Admission is aimed at the following groups of applicants: with projects approved by measure 112 "Setting up farms by young farmers" and 141 "Support for semi-subsistence farms undergoing restructuring"; producer of fruit and vegetables (specific crops will be specified in the order opening the intake); and farmers with projects to modernize farm from sector "Milk" and other livestock sectors, according with the EU standards, including Directive 91/676/EEC (the Nitrates Directive).

Exact deadlines and budget will be announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food before the beginning of the reception under the RDP.

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